Wanfeng is a specialist in deep-processing and provides high-quality prefab and cut to size to meet the needs of the market

Cut to size

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Cut out

•Drill a hole in each corner of the cutout with a core bit of 2-3 cm in diameter.
•Always allow an extra clearance of 3mm between the appliance and the edge of the cutout for expansion.
•Make sure all joints are placed at the junction of the base cabinets or a solid belenco slat be fitted under the joint for support.•
Carry out all cutouts with wet diamond cutting tools.
•Use generous amount of water to avoid surface overheating and dust formation.

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•Check the polishing pads are in good condition.
•Use premium quality polishing pads for best results.
•Use dierent polishing pads to achieve the surface finish you desire.

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Edge Profile

The countertop edge will enhance the style of any project by adding an architectural detail to the kitchen or bathroom. Standard profiles such as the “Double Eased” and “Bullnose” are timeless choices that will coordinate with most styles.

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Use straps to securely fasten sections to the rack to prevent them from sliding around. Give maximum consideration to fastening the sections. High-quality wooden cases are also made in factory to accomodate the different size of the products.

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Wooden case will be delivered in the container safely after strictly QC and quantity inventory which ensure the smooth process of shipping.

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