Wanfeng is a specialist in deep-processing and provides high-quality prefab and cut to size to meet the needs of the market


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• For cutting, use only water-cooled power tools and hand tools.
• Make sure that the cutting blade/saw/disc is in good condition and there is no missing teeth. Any blade/saw/disc that is not in good condition will leave marks at cutting edges.
• Place the slab horizontally on a flat, solid and resistant cutting table. Make sure the cutting table is in good condition.

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• Use manual water polishing tools/machinery.
• Allow generous amount of clear water with continuous flow to prevent excessive heating of the surface and dust formation.Strictly avoid dry polishing as it results in excessive heating of the surface which in return disturbs the physical strength of the slab making it prone to hairline cracks and chipping.

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•Try to cut the lamination strip from the same single slab as the countertop surface material to ensure that the lamination piece and the top piece are of the same length and color.
• For a perfect adhesion, smooth the surface of lamination piece with a coarse pad. Make sure that the entire edge perimeter is smooth as well as free of dust and debris.
• Allow plenty of time for the adhesive to dry out.

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Use straps to securely fasten sections to the rack to prevent them from sliding around. Give maximum consideration to fastening the sections. High-quality wooden cases are also made in factory to accomodate the different size of the products.

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Wooden case will be delivered in the container safely after strictly QC and quantity inventory which ensure the smooth process of shipping.

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